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A company started with giving back in mind.

What is H2O Required?

On a recent family vacation to Mexico, we experienced first-hand the poor water quality conditions which affect the country. Living without water for even a few days can be difficult. So, on the flight home we started thinking about how we can help.

Quite simply, water is required for everything we do. Water is required for life. I came up with the concept of the cute water drop character and the expression “Life: H2O Required"

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Our Cause

Unfortunately, everybody knows someone who has been touched by cancer. I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer a few years ago, but with the help of the Dana Farber Cancer Institute I am proud to say I am now cancer-free.

My sister was diagnosed several years ago with breast cancer, and has since undergone several treatments and surgeries. Thankfully with the support provided by everyone at Dana Farber, she now has a strong will to live and is an inspiration to everyone around her.

The Jimmy Fund/Dana Farber Cancer Institute is an impressive organization, staffed with wonderful, caring and concerned people. They constantly go above and beyond to serve the needs and concerns of their patients on a very personal level. Their compassionate guidance and support allows those effected by cancer to have a better outlook on life and a newfound will to live.

It is with this in mind that we have partnered with The Jimmy Fund and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. 20% of the net profits from Life: H2O Required merchandise sales will go to The Jimmy Fund for cancer research and treatment. We all strive for a cancer-free world. This is our way of helping to make that happen.

"Let's Find A Cure."

Thank you,
The Nigro Family

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